Today I am writing to you all about one of our most beloved times of day: Chugim! These are our choice activities which kids pick at the start of each session. Our options for this session are softball, messy fun, QQQ, world tour, Mosh on broadway, and FFFFteva. Kids will have time everyday to go to their chug of choice and be apart of something that suits them really well.

Messy fun’s water balloon fight- yesterday was a shaving cream palooza

Softball is a very relaxed version of normal softball. Messy fun gives kids opportunities to have fun while also getting in a mess. QQQ is Mosh’s Queer Qids Qlub, and gives queer kids space to talk, explore, and share about being queer in and out of Mosh. World Tour travels throughout the world (around Mosh) and do different sports from different countries each day. Mosh on Broadway is a space for kids who are interested in theatre or music to come and preform together. Finally FFFteva is our outdoorsy/hiking chug where the group ferments, fertilizes, frolics, and hikes throughout Mosh property.

Kids who want some time to chill, or do some homework can always come to chug reading at the sunset bench

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