Since shabbat is now over I am able to update you all on our weekend’s activities. At Mosh, the weeds are basically Friday-Saturday with different schedules and activities. We have shabbat prep, and get to deviate from normal life with changes such as Friday lunch being outside, and having double avodah (work) in the morning.

Shabbat really begins with a special time block called huggy-kissy time, which is basically a time for everyone to gather at the toren (flagpole) after getting dressed up nicely for shabbat and see their friends, wish them shabbat shalom, and take nice pictures. We then gather for shabbat shira (singing) and all ring in the end of the week with some classic shabbat tunes. After we all face the setting sun together there is always a big meal of chicken, salad, and potatoes and pre-meal kiddish.

After the meal is time for the oneg. This a performance put on each week for the rest of the camp by some of the campers which includes a play, a modern dance, an Israeli dance, a song, and a mystery project. This past week the oneg was preformed by the Amelimot (Rising 4th), Garinimot( Rising 5th), and Bogrimot (Rising 10th). Kids spend time throughout the week selecting which parts of the oneg they want to be involved in, and rehearse their selections. It is a really fun time for everyone to see what people have been working on and see younger and older kids bonding.

After the oneg the last activity of the evening is rikkud (Israeli dancing) and is a big camp bonding time. Everyone gets really into it and if you don’t know a dance there are always people there to help out and teach you the steps!

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