1st two days of 1st session 2022!!!

The first two days have been an absolute blast.

Yesterday (the first day started off with chanichimot (campers) arriving in cars and busses who were greeted by our amazing madatz (junior counselors) in fun costumes to start the mosh magic for summer 2022. Everyone went to the MLC (main pavilion area) to regroup with old friends and learn some awesome mosh songs. We then all ate lunch (grilled cheese) and sang a few cheers and songs, following a post-meal mosh tradition. Following lunch, chanichimot had time to unpack, take swim tests, meet madrichimot (counselors), complete health checks, and chill with their new and old friends.

After a while of moving around everyone returned to the MLC and had the opportunity to watch skits preformed by madrichimot and madatz about this summer’s anafim (work groups) and chuggim (choice groups). Each kid picks one anaf and one chug to do the full summer for one time block each day. Some examples of avodah (work) are Sababa: cleaning the bathrooms, Gan: feeding the animals and working in the garden, and Medurah: helping chop and collect wood for our Saturday night bonfires. Some chuggim options this summer are Mosh on Broadway: for kids interested in theatre, music, preforming, Softball: a nonchalant way to get active, and Messy Fun: creating different ways to have fun each day in a messy way.

After skits we all went to dinner and then had a tochnit erev (evening activity) where kids had the chance to meet all the tzevet and hear crazy weird fun facts about each of us.

Day 2 (today) was also jam packed with fun.

After a breakfast of cereal, yogurt, fruit, and blueberry muffins we all headed out to the Toren (Flag pole) to have morning announcements and sing our morning Mosh songs. We all then went off into our new avodah groups. Following Avodah everyone had some free time and then participated in Peulah Shikvah (pish for short, and is an educational activity done by age group.) Kids learn about things such as camp rules, gender, and racial justice.

In the afternoon chanichimot had activities by age group (sadnaot) which included karaoke, baking, Israeli dancing, and hiking. Following some pool time and the start of chuggim (choice activities) we all went to dinner followed by another tochnit erev (evening activity) where kids participated in a lip-sync and costume dance battle. Much fun was had.

Can’t wait to update you all again soon!

– Kayla (She/Her)

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