Tikkum Olam: Changing the world, One Summer at a Time

Once again, Camp Mosh found itself going off to Tikkum Olam. This session, we divided the chanichim by shichvah and sent them off to do a variety of service projects.

The younger chanichim, the Tzimukim and younger Chalutzim, and their Madataz went to Civics Works Real Food Farm in Baltimore. There, the chanichim helped pull weeds, place mulch, and discuss the issues with food availability in urban areas.

While the Tzimukim and half the Chalutzim were helping the farm; the older Chalutzim and Bonim, along with their Madatz, went to Art is Heart also in Baltimore. Art is Heart aims to embrace the lives of those in need through art, so the chanichim joined others in painting morals. Afterwards, they had a peula about the power of art and how it has been used to aid in social change.

The Bogrim, the remaining Madatz, and the specialist went to the Lillan Jones Recreation Center located in Baltimore to help with the summer day camp. While there, the chanichim played a variety of games with the children there. Some ran games of basketball, soccer, frisbee, etc. Others ran more relaxing activities like art, trigger games, etc. The chanichim and Tzevet them joined the campers from the recreation  center for lunch. Finally, the Bogrim and Madatz had a peula about the events that took place in Baltimore last spring, what’s is currently being done today to counter the issues involved, and how they can connect with those trying to make a change.

The Week in Review

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay. There’s just been so much going on this week and not enough time during the day. Here are just some of the activities the chanichim participated in this week.

Thursday night was a special evening. It was pish night, which is where the chanichim eat a cookout style dinner then do an activity just with their shichvah (age group). This past pish night, the Kizarim (Mini-Mosh campers) and Tzimukim (Amelim & Chortim) celebrated Anya’s bat mitzvah. They got dress up in crazy costumes, had a dance party, and went swimming.

Also this week, we welcomed in the first Shabbat of the session. everyone got the chance to clean their tzrif/ohel (cabin/tent) and get an extra shower in before Kabbalat Shabbat. Kabbalat Shabbat is the ritual we do to welcome in shabbat Friday night before dinner. It includes a story from the Rosh (head of camp) as well as poems read out by chanichim (campers). After dinner on Friday night, we put on an oneg (variety show). This week the oneg was the done the Madatz and Tzevet. We conclude Friday night with rikud (Israeli dancing) on the basketball court.

Saturday, the chanichim had a more relaxing day, participating in special chugim only run on Shabbat. The chanichim also participated in a new structure called Shabbat Carnival, which is a series of bonding activities like poem reading, painting, sports, etc. We conclude Shabbat with Havdallah: a service done at dusk as the stars begin to come out and a medurah: a campfire where chanichim get to perform skits and other acts for their peers.

Again, apologies for the delay. I’ll make sure to post more regularly in the coming weeks. If you want to see more of the activities the chanichim did, please check out the Habonim Dror Camp Moshava Facebook page!

Welcome to Second Session 2015!

Finally, the waiting is over. Second Session is here! The buses rode down Mosh Road as the Madatz (CITs) greeted the chanichim (campers).

Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 018Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 023 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 025 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 028 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 029

Everyone made their way to the MLC (pavilion) to say hello to old friends.

Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 012 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 010 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 009 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 008 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 004 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 003 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 002 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 001

Then, the chanichim were given time to unpack. In addtion, the Tzevet (staff) gave the chanichim a tour of the beautiful Camp Moshava

Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 042 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 041 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 039 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 038 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 037 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 035 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 045 Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 044  Second Session 2015 pictures and videos 046


Monday night, Mosh had one of the most anticipated events of the session- Revolution! This is a time where the madatz (counselors in training) kick out the madrichim (counselors) for 24 hours and plan an entire day’s worth of activities themselves. Besides being a kef (fun) day for all of the chanichim (campers), Revolution teaches the madatz leadership skills and allows them to understand all of the logistics that go into running camp for a day. It is an empowering experience for the madatz, and for the chanchim (campers), as the youth get take over camp and run things for themselves for a day!

This is many of the camper’s favorite days of the session! Here is the story of this session’s revolution, as told by Guest Reporter Naomi Ravick:

Hi! My name is Naomi Ravick and I’m in madatz this summer. Starting Monday night, the chanichim (campers) participated in a fun-filled 24 hours with their madatz. This Revolution’s theme was Dreams vs. Nightmares! Our revo kicked off with a slumber party and s’mores cake before bed. The chanichim woke up to a candy covered machaneh (camp) and a dream filled round robin. Some of the stations included a pool obstacle course, a birthday party, and more!

DSC_0439 DSC_0516After lunch, we had a tug of war competition between dream characters and nightmare characters. Unfortunately, the nightmare characters won! We then had a “scary” round robin with the nightmare characters. Some of the stations included making ooblek and making fun nightmare decorations.

After the round robin, chanichim participated in chugim (special interest groups) where they got to choose which activities they wanted to go to. They could choose between options like a blind taste test, painting their own nightmare, and listening to scary stories.

DSC_0663 DSC_0666Once the chugim ended, we had a delicious pasta bar dinner. After dinner, the dream characters and the nightmare characters had an epic battle, and the dream characters won! The chanichim then cleaned themselves up and had a mesibah (party) to celebrate their victory. The madrichim (counselors) returned, and the chanichim were sent to bed for some dreams of their own.

Kupa Carnival

At Mosh, we have a system of sharing called Kupa. Kupa appears in concrete ways around camp, like how we share food, toiletries, and money. It also shows itself in more abstract ways– Kupa fosters a community where everyone cares about each other and treats each other equally.

One of the ways we use Kupa throughout the summer is the Kupa Trip. A portion of each camper’s tuition is put in a communal fund of money that pays for a fun activity for all of machaneh (camp) to do together. This year, we had a Kupa Carnival at camp! Chanichim (campers) got to hang out on the softball field and enjoy moon bounces, cotton candy, snow cones, face paint, slip and slides, and more. Check out some pictures from this fun afternoon!

DSC_0330 DSC_0361 DSC_0367 DSC_0377 DSC_0385 DSC_0415

Special Day

On Sunday, we had our annual “Special Day”, which is a fun-filled day that is centered around an educational theme. This year, the theme of special day was colonialism! To help chanichim (campers) learn about this topic in a fun and unique way, we traveled to Neverland to explore the world of Peter Pan!

DSC_0085The day began with a fun-filled carnival centered around exploring Neverland and meeting Peter Pan. The kids got to run around the migrash sport (sport field) and participate in activities like coloring, mattress wrestling, fortune telling, and more!

DSC_0096 DSC_0099 DSC_0107After the carnival, disaster struck! Captain Hook appeared in Neverland and stole Peter Pan’s shadow. We participated in a machaneh (camp) wide game of hide and seek, and when we couldn’t find his shadow, we got into groups and made protest signs to demand that Captain Hook return the shadow!

DSC_0169After our protest, Captain Hook informed us that the reason he took Peter Pan’s shadow was because he was angry that Peter Pan had taken his land from him and was trying to colonize it. Then, the chanichim participated in a fun round robin where they learned how to be a pirate, which included sword fighting, making their own fake swords, and pool games!

DSC_0176 DSC_0183 DSC_0191 DSC_0202After the round robin, we had a peula (educational activity) where we discussed colonialism with the chanichim (campers). We talked about the Susquehannock people, who inhabited the land Mosh is currently on before it was settled. We also discussed ways in which we can fight against things like cultural appropriation and forced assimilation.

After we realized that Captain Hook was not the enemy, we had a delicious dinner and then had a mesibah (party) where we could have fun with both Peter Pan and Captain Hook! Overall, the day was a fun way to learn about colonialism and discuss how it still affects our society.

Avodah- Work

At Mosh, we start every day by doing avodah (work) around camp. Mosh is based on kibbutz values and structures, and we believe that all the chanichim (campers), madatzim (counselors in training), and madrichim (counselors) should contribute what they can in order to keep our camp beautiful and running properly. The chanichim can choose between a number of different anafim (jobs) to do around camp.

In Anaf Aruchat Boker (breakfast), kids set up breakfast for the entire machaneh (camp), and then clean up the meal afterwards. This includes wiping down tables, sweeping the chadar (dining hall), and washing dishes.


In Veggie Cutting, chanichim (campers) cut the all vegetables to be used in the salad bar during lunch and dinner.


In Ashpah (trash), the chanichim walk around machaneh (camp) and take out the trash!

DSC_0016 DSC_0958

Anaf Medurah (bonfire) sends kids into the woods to cut down wood for our weekly bonfire.


We also have Anaf Tzvia, which designs and paints murals around camp. This anaf is also responsible for making decorations to hang around camp during Shabbat.


Meanwhile, in Anaf MLC/Sif, kids sweep and mop both the MLC (the indoor pavilion) and the Sifria (library). They also organize books and costumes in both areas!

DSC_0018 DSC_0019

During the best anaf, Sababa (sababa means awesome!), kids clean the bathrooms around camp. They sweep, wipe down the sinks, and even clean the toilets.

DSC_0023 DSC_0024

Lastly, in Anaf Gan (garden), kids plant seeds, weed the garden, and take care of our chickens and goats!

DSC_0020 DSC_0021

Avodah allows us all to take ownership over Mosh. Everyone contributes to helping camp run smoothly and look beautiful, and we all get to enjoy the benefits. Avodah is a structure that connects everyone, and makes Mosh feel even more like home!