Sending mail

Everyone likes receiving mail. If you want to send your child a letter or package, address it to:

Camper’s name

615 Cherry Hill Road

Street, MD 21154

5 thoughts on “Sending mail

  1. The BLOG has been a great addition this summer! On the other hand, it’s very disappointing that no photos have been posted on Bunk1. We don’t have Facebook so anything posted there is out of our reach. PLEASE also post whatever photos ther are to the Bunk1 site! TODA RABA in advance!

    1. Hello, we’re working on getting Bunk1 to work on the internet here. It’s a little tricky sometimes. But we’re definitely planning on putting up photos on there. Sorry for the delay.

    2. I would advise proper USPS abbreviations and formatting (including a 9 digit zip code) to get mail to campers as quickly as possible:
      Camper’s name
      615 CHERRY HILL RD
      STREET MD 21154-1629

  2. So glad you have the Blog! Yet another year that Bunk1 doesn’t work for me at all! I can’t even send a Bunk note 😦 And I was surprised to see when I finally at least got in to see the pics loaded there, that despite the rediculous fee, you can’t download the pics from there. They want to charge for prints!
    @ Sherri – Facebook is free and really easy and after joining just so I could be part of a group post, I found out it is actually fun! Go ahead and take the plunge and then you can download the pics to save for the future 🙂

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