Please enjoy this guest blog by the bogrimot:

Hello everyone, we are the Bogrimot (going into 10th grade). On Sunday, we took over camp for 6 hours; this is what we call ‘bocoup.’ Our theme was Tropicoup and we had a lot of fun activities like slip ‘n slide, capture the flag, swimming, mattress jousting, and fruit ninja (with baseball bats). We pretended to be on a cruise that caught on fire. Then we had to escape and we split into raft groups to find land. Eventually, we found land and we played games. Finally, we found civilization and had a big party (mesiba). 

Bocoup was a lot of responsibility and it felt really fulfilling for all of us. It was a great experience and now we all have more insight on the hard work that our tzevet does everyday. Specifically, Rafi Shore said that running bocoup, “was a really stressful but fun activity to run. I will never forget this experience.” Another member of bogrimot, Zoe Moore, said that, “it was stressful but then it was good. It was chaotic but in the end I had a really good time and I was able to bond with the kids.” Lastly, Gideon Leshner said in reflection, that bocoup was, “fulfilling, exhausting, and [I am more] appreciative of tzevet.”

Overall, the kids had an awesome time and we loved it as well. 

Written by the Bogrimot, overseen by Segev

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