Pish Night (Yes!!!)

Here at Mosh we love pish night. We have pish night every Thursday night. Pish is short for peula shikva, which loosely translates to “age-group activity.” We also have pish during the day but our pish nights are usually fun and out-there, as opposed to the slightly more educational though certainly no less enjoyable daytime pishes. 

Pish night starts with everyone in the middle of their shetach (living area) hanging out and waiting for a delicious dinner of hot dogs or hamburgers (this week was hot dogs), veggies, chips, and other good food. Usually things have cooled off by this time and the vibes are immaculate. Friends are hanging out in the grass, playing music, lawn games and other sports. 

As dinner wraps up, the chanechimot (campers) split up into their respective shikvot (age groups) and do a different activity that their madrechimot (counselors) planned. Last night, the amelimot and bogrimot, our youngest and oldest campers, did amelimot-bogrim buddy pairings where they were told who their new buddies were through a fun activity and then talked about their interests and why the love camp. The other campers first prepared for their oneg, a fun performance put on by a different group every friday night, and then had a giant dance party. The music could be heard around camp! 

All the campers were raving about how much they love pish night, and for good reason! It’s the perfect mix of chill and fun and they are already excited to see what’s in store for next week. 

Shabbat Shalom, 

Segev (He/Him)


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