Welcome To Second Session!

Shalom chaverim (hello friends)!  First session has come to a close, but have no fear, because second session is about to begin!  Everyone here is very excited to have all of our new and returning chanichim [campers] arrive for the first day of machane (camp).
If you read the blog, watched the youtube videos and enjoyed the Facebook photos for the last 4 weeks, you know that the wonderful Marlena Chertock has done a fantastic job of bringing a glimpse of the activities we do here to you all at home.  However,

Marlena has completed her tenure as communications specialist for the summer, and is now a madricha (counselor) with the Amelim.  I, Ethan Bennett, will be assuming the role of communications specialist and trying my best to match the stunningly high bar that Marlena set.  If you want to know a bit more about me, feel free to check out my bio here.

As the madrichim (counselors) prepare for second session, I can safely say that it is shaping up to be a fantastic 4 weeks; full of fun programs and meaningful peulot (activities).   Again, we here are SO excited for the chanichim to arrive and to beginning running an awesome summer for them. And I am very excited to give all of you a window into the programs and activities we run a Machane Moshava!


3 thoughts on “Welcome To Second Session!

  1. I never went second session, you lucky dogs. I recommend planning to be outside on the night of August 11 to watch a great meteor shower.
    I saw the first Lunar Landing at Mosh, they brought in a TV special for the occasion.

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