HaboZine feature: Where Mosh Ends

By: Henry Presman

based on “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein

There is a time when Mosh ends
and before school begins
and the grass grows green
and there the sun is sad for school starting
and summer rests and school takes its place
to wait in the cool autumn wind.
We have to leave this place where happiness lives
and the road home winds and bends
past the stadium where the Ravens play.
We will walk with a walk that is sad and slow
and watch the Chadar disappear behind the trees
to the time when Mosh ends.
Yes we’ll walk with a walk that is sad and slow
and we’ll watch the Chadar disappear behind the trees
because the chanichim are fun and the chanichim all play.
The time when Mosh ends.

Tisha B’Av at Mosh

When Tisha B’Av falls during the time when Mosh is in session, the machane (camp) tries to observe the day in a different, but meaningful way.  Tisha B’Av is the commemoration of the destruction of the first and  second temples in Jerusalem.  Although Tisha B’Av is specifically meant to remember the destruction of the temples, many Jews also use it to commemorate other hardships that have befallen the Jewish people.

At Mosh, we try our hardest to make Tisha B’Av interesting, engaging, thought provoking, and educational.  One of the major aspects of Tisha B’Av that we try to rework is the notion that it a commemoration of hardships that have struck the Jews specifically.   We also remember and learn about other peoples’ struggles, like African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement, and those attacked by the Klu Klux Klan.  This Tisha B’Av, we also had two different time blocks for special chugim (interest groups), where chanichim (campers) learned about a variety of situations where people are oppressed, but also how people rose above the oppression to help their fellow person.  We had chugim about homosexuality and Judaism, how the New York Times reported on the Holocaust, Ethiopian Jews in Israel, the Milgrim Experiment, and many more.

In order to balance the weighty topics we were discussing with more light activities, chanichim participated in an art and storytelling carnival, where they made their own storybooks, had stories read to them, learned Israeli dances, tried interpretative dance, and made abstract art.  The chanichim also took part in painting and building a model Western Wall (which you can see some photos of below).

Overall, the day was very meaningful and had a nice balance of serious and difficult topics as well as fun and light activities!

Welcome To Second Session!

Shalom chaverim (hello friends)!  First session has come to a close, but have no fear, because second session is about to begin!  Everyone here is very excited to have all of our new and returning chanichim [campers] arrive for the first day of machane (camp).
If you read the blog, watched the youtube videos and enjoyed the Facebook photos for the last 4 weeks, you know that the wonderful Marlena Chertock has done a fantastic job of bringing a glimpse of the activities we do here to you all at home.  However,

Marlena has completed her tenure as communications specialist for the summer, and is now a madricha (counselor) with the Amelim.  I, Ethan Bennett, will be assuming the role of communications specialist and trying my best to match the stunningly high bar that Marlena set.  If you want to know a bit more about me, feel free to check out my bio here.

As the madrichim (counselors) prepare for second session, I can safely say that it is shaping up to be a fantastic 4 weeks; full of fun programs and meaningful peulot (activities).   Again, we here are SO excited for the chanichim to arrive and to beginning running an awesome summer for them. And I am very excited to give all of you a window into the programs and activities we run a Machane Moshava!