Meet our new nurse!

Every summer, kids unfortunately get sick and need help. This year, we are excited to have our wonderful new Marp (health center) with it’s wide hallways, comfy rooms, and healthy environment. Along with the newly-built Marp comes our wonderful camp nurse for the whole summer, Tammy Peppmuller. Tammy has been a nurse for 15 years and originally hails from Omaha, Nebraska before moving to Louisiana with her partner a few years ago.


Tzevet (staff) has ensured that Tammy is already assimilated into camp culture, learning new words everyday and helping anyone with any problem they may have. She is kind, intelligent, and helpful – the perfect combination for a great nurse for Mosh.

In addition to Tammy, this summer we have our medic, E. They’ll be helping Tammy out, delivering nighttime medication to kids who need them, and serving as an extra tzevet member that chanichimot (campers) can come to with health issues. Also, other nurses, including camp parents, will be coming up to camp throughout the summer to help Tammy and E with the workload.

Tammy can’t wait for the kids to arrive and is excited to meet all of them and help keep them healthy this summer. With Tammy and our new Marp, chanichimot will be healthier than ever so they can enjoy all the wonderful camp activities that they may otherwise miss.