Shabbat Decorations!

Shabbat is a very special time here at Mosh, and each summer we strive for ways to improve it even further. With the additions of mechina (preperation) and the shabbat carnival last year the holiday is even more reflective, calming, calm than ever before. But one tradition that has been around seemingly forever has been kishutim l’shabbat (shabbat decorations).


Every shabbat for as long as we can remember an anaf has made decorations to hang up in the chadar ochel during the shabbat meal. In recent years those decorations have begun to more directly reflect our values here at camp and be more than just pretty drawings. So last week the theme for the decorations was Gay Pride and Equality in Marriage, with rainbow drawings and smiling faces plastering the walls


This week the theme is Environmental Justice. In order to make the beautiful decorations of trees and leaves, anaf shabbat reused old carboard to cut out the shapes for leaves and used paper towel rolls for the trunks. So not only are they preaching being conscious of our environmental impact, but they’re practicing it as well!DSC_0769

Those in the anaf hope that the decorations will not only beautify the chadar for our Friday night dining, but also make their friends think more about the environment and see how things like cardboard boxes can be recycled.

Thanks anaf shabbat! We’ll see what next week brings!

Avodah-dah! Time to clean up camp!

Here at camp Mosh we believe that a little labor goes a long way. Oftentimes at home others help clean up after both kids and counselors alike, but at camp we strive to stay self sufficient as a community and do our own work. So each morning after a yummy breakfast we split up into our anafim (work groups) and get to work. Some groups do things for camps enjoyment, like anaf Medurah (building a Saturday night bonfire) or anaf shabbat (making decorations for Friday).  Some other groups clean up camp spaces, like the MLC or the sherutim (bathrooms).

Every camper has their group for the session (or however long they are here for) and oftentimes grow close to their work, enjoying the work and returning to the same anaf year after year. At the same time, others like to switch around and get tastes of each anaf.

The groups are mixed by age groups, so a camper going into 4th grade helps out camp just as much as one of the elder campers entering 10th grade. With this common goal, the campers bond and move towards their end goal together. It’s always great to make new friends of all ages, and working towards something together helps that process even more. Especially when we make doing the work fun!

Anyways, here’s a list of all our wonderful anafim that help machaneh (camp) run smoothly and some pictures of them!

-Sabbaba (Cleaning the bathrooms)


-Medurah (Building the Saturday night)


-Shabbat (Making decorations and preparing for Friday night)


-Veggie Cutting


-Ashpah (Taking out trash around machaneh)


-Gan/Pinat Chai (Maintaing our garden and caring for our animals)


-MLC/SIF (Cleaning the MLC and the Sif)


-Aruchat Boker (Toranut for breakfast)


-Tziyur (Mural painting)

-Brecha (Helping our rosh brecha clean the pool)