Shabbat, Visitors Day, and Zman Metzuyan

We had an awesome weekend at Machaneh Moshava! On Shabbat, we had the Bogrimot-Amelimot-Nitzanimot oneg. The Nitzanimot performed a special dance and the Bogrimot and Amelimot did all of the other oneg acts, including dances, songs, and skits. On Saturday, we had a restful day including Shabbat chugim, Madatz chugim, musicale, and In-durah (medurah acts and kumzitz in the MLC).

On Sunday, we welcomed many parents, friends, and relatives for Visitors Day. We had a blast showing parents our spaces and our traditions. Sunday night we had a fun tochnit erev where everyone role-played friends and relatives at a fake Bat Mitzvah.

One new and exciting thing about this summer is that we have re-envisioned Zman Metzuyan, the block of the day where we educate about Israel. This summer, instead of doing activities together as a machaneh, we have split machaneh into groups and chanichimot can choose a new Zman Metzuyan track every two weeks. The tracks include learning Hebrew, discussing Zionism, learning about Israel through sports, learning about diversity through the frame of the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, and more. The first two weeks of Zman Metzuyan were a huge success and we are excited to have everyone pick a new track and keep expanding their knowledge.

We’re looking forward to a great new week with all of the new chanichimot who arrived on Sunday.

Moshly yours,



Baseball, Special Day, and More!

On July 3rd, we went to an Aberdeen Ironbirds minor league baseball game. We all had a lot of fun singing Mosh cheers and catching balls at the game! We even got to see some fireworks.

On July 4th, we had a special day themed around competition and diversity in sports. The day opened with the Olympic opening ceremonies. Chanichimot did a round robin where they were athletes who had to get sponsorships from corporations. They also held a press conference where they interviewed tzevet members playing Olympic athletes from different countries. The press conference revealed how much favoritism and unfair advantages exist in sports. After that, there was a competition with different games, where it became even more clear that the judges were favoring athletes from countries with more resources. The chanichimot learned that this is unfair and then spent time in small discussion groups talking about issues in sports today, such as gender discrimination and racism. In the evening, there was a party celebrating diversity in sports!

Today have been working hard to get machaneh ready for Shabbat. On Fridays we do double avodah, where we clean our spaces extra well. We also prepared songs to sing for Visitor’s Day; we are so excited to welcome parents, relatives, and friends on Sunday!

Moshly yours,


Spotlight on Ben and Other Updates

Ben Markbreiter is the Chinuch, or Educational Director this summer. He has been working at Mosh since 2017 and before that, he was a chanichol at Machaneh Na’aleh. He is responsible for creating and implementing the machaneh-wide tochnit, or educational plan. The theme of this summer is Action! His favorite part of Mosh is rikkud. His favorite Mosh meal is Lo Mein. He attends McGill University in Montreal.

Chanichimot have been having lots of fun at camp this week. They participated in an activity called Kangaroo Court, where they got to bring silly grievances against their madrichimot. The Amelimot and Bogrimot are preparing for their oneg, a weekly performance on Shabbat. Their oneg will include songs, dances, skits, and Project X, a mysterious act that will be revealed on Friday night. We’ve also had some fun afternoon activities including tubing, hiking, tie-dye, and practicing for kumzitz.

Moshly yours,



First Shabbat and A New Week

This past weekend, we celebrated the first Shabbat at Mosh this summer. We participated in lots of lovely traditions, from hearing a Rosh story from Leah to dancing rikkud on Friday night. Saturday is a restful day at Mosh, featuring time for chanichimot to play gaga, eat yummy snacks, and get together in groups based on where they live at home.

On Sunday morning, the Nitzanimot (youngest campers at Mosh) arrived. They will be here for one week, exploring a taste of what Mosh has to offer. They settled in, learned names, and had a fun evening pretending to be bugs and building forts.

On Sunday evening, the rest of camp did a fun and silly tochnit erev going through the life cycle of a duck.

This coming week, we have lots more fun and education in store, including a Fourth of July surprise, water activities, and lots more time to bond and get to know one another.

Moshly yours,



Evening Activities and Programming Highlights

This week, we’ve had lots of fun evening activities! We kicked off the week with meet the madrichimot, where chanichimot did fun challenges to learn facts about tzevet. We also had evening activities themed around fighting silly zombies and we had a karaoke night. This week was also our first weekly movie night and our first weekly Pish Night. Pish night is the night when we have cookouts, as opposed to eating in the Chadar Ochel. It is a time to relax, eat hot dogs (and veggie dogs!) and spend time with your kvutza.

This week, we’ve also been having pe’ulot about lots of interesting topics. Chanichimot have explored kupa, intentional relationships, consent, and gender. Mosh has a centralized education plan, meaning that we like to educate about the same topics, revisiting them year after year and adding nuance as kids get older. For example, in this week’s consent peula, Amelimot explored words that might be synonyms for consent, such as sharing, understanding, and safety. Chotrimot explored how body language affects communication and talked about scenarios where consent might come up at Mosh (sitting on others’ beds, asking for a hug, etc.) Bonimot had a similar conversation about how consent might come up at Mosh and were able to explore more fully how consent relates to their lives outside of Mosh as well.

It’s been a great first week of education and fun!

Moshly yours,


Kupa 101 + Chugim

I wanted to take a moment to explain kupa, an important structure that shapes the way life at Mosh functions. Kupa translates directly to “cash box,” refers to our structure of collective sharing that is based on systems used on kibbutzim. For the kids, this occurs on a machaneh (camp) level with a camp-wide kupa trip, a final Mesibah (party) at the end of the session and weekly kupa treats. It might also mean sharing sunscreen, books, and more.

Kupa is a huge part of our community values here at Mosh. We strive to create an intentional community of inclusion and respect. We believe in taking responsibility for one another!

Relationships have been growing as the chanichimot have participated in daily machaneh life. In addition to pe’ulat shichva, they also have opportunities to bond with kids across all ages in their anafim (work groups) and chugim (interest groups). Some of the chugim we are running this session include Improvipida (improv games based on Wikipedia articles), Frisball (Frisbee and Softball), TLC (self-care and relaxation), and Reading + Art.

It’s been a great start to the week and the session!

Moshly yours,



Day Two!

What an exciting first two days! We greeted the campers as they arrived from buses and vans, from near and far! After getting oriented in the MLC and having some time to settle in, we had a yummy lunch of mac & cheese, kale, and garlic bread. In the afternoon, everyone got a tour of machaneh and got to meet our melavot (camper care coordinators), Allison and Elie! In the afternoon we had our first pe’ulat shichva of the summer. Campers learned about the rules of Mosh and got to know one another. After a fun evening activity, it was time for bed!

Day two is going great so far. Chanichimot had the chance to work in their anafim for the first time. Some of the anafim we have this summer are Aruchat Boker (breakfast duty), Sababa (cleaning the bathrooms), Medurah (collecting kindling for our weekly campfire), and others. This afternoon, all of camp cooled off in the heat of the day with some fun in the pool.

I look forward to filling you in as our session progresses. I will be posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4pm.

Moshly yours,