First Week Updates

The first week is in full swing! Today the Bogrimot are out of camp on a day-long tiyul. They are hiking, hanging out, eating gorp, and doing kvutza bonding activities.

Everyone else has been enjoying the first week by settling into their routines. People are participating in avodah, the time of the day when we all help around camp. We are running many of the usual anafim, such as Sababa, MLC/Sif, Ashpah, and Aruchat Boker. We are also running Anaf Trailblazing! Anaf Trailblazing works to maintain our trails so that they can remain in good use for hikes. They will trim weeds and vines growing across the path and put in better trailmarkers.

We are also running a variety of chugim this session. Some of the exciting new chugim are Embroidery, Trivial Pursuit, and QQQ or Queer Kids Club. Queer Kids Club is a space for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ or allies to explore their identities, make collages and other art projects, and learn more about their identities.

This week, every schichva is running a peula about the rules of machaneh and a peula about consent. Consent is one of the values we educate about every session because having every chanichol understand consent allows Mosh to be a respectful and safer community.

Many chanichimot are also preparing for their oneg this week. Chanichimot in Solelimot, Bonimot, and Bogrimot will be doing performances this Shabbat. We’re looking forward to the end of a good week and a restful Shabbat.


Welcome to Second Session!

What an amazing first day! We are so happy that second session has begun. Campers arrived to the MLC and learned their first Mosh cheer – “We are Moshava, mighty Moshava, all we have is ruach and chevra…”

After learning who their madrichimot are and where they are living, chanichimot headed to their living spaces to start unpacking. We all ate a yummy lunch of chicken nuggets and broccoli before the afternoon’s round robin. The round robin included meeting the nurses and health checks, meeting the melavot (inclusion coordinators) and more unpacking time. We then had a meeting to discuss the chugim (interest groups) and anafim (work groups) and to give the chanichimot a chance to choose their preferred jobs and interest groups, which they will be assigned to tomorrow morning. The activity for tonight will be a game show of learning more about the madrichimot.

Some reactions from the first day:

“In the rest of my life, I’m a small, quiet noodle of a child. But now that I’m here, I just want to scream to the sky.” – LBC, Chotrimot

“My face hurts from smiling so much.” – AA, Chotrimot

We are so excited for all of the fun this week has in store!

If you want to know more about the words we use at Mosh, click any of the hyperlinked Hebrew words above, which will bring you to our glossary.

Moshly yours,


What an amazing session!

What an amazing session we have had! It all started off with campers meeting each other and getting to know Mosh at the beginning of the session. New chanichimot quickly learned Mosh’s core values of respect, inclusion, and justice through pe’ulot each day. The Nitzanimot came for a week and got a taste of all of the fun that Mosh has to offer.

We’ve had some super kef (fun) days, including Bozman and Revo. These were also amazing leadership opportunities for the Bogrimot and the Madatz. As a youth movement, Mosh views these activities as huge stepping stones towards becoming leaders and learning how to care for kids.

We’ve also engaged deeply with education about current events in the U.S., Zionism, racial justice, gender justice, and sexuality. Everyone has learned something new this session. We have a new mural in the works themed around tikkun olam (repairing the world). It will be painted by the end of the summer!

We’ve also been able to do many outdoor activities. Every chanichol has had the chance to go tubing in Deer Creek, kayaking at Mosh’s lake, or go for day hikes in Rocks State Park. These activities are fun team-building activities that also give chanichimot opportunities to talk about the environment.

Ben, our Education Director, says his favorite thing about first session was Zman Metzuyan, our Israel education block, because “it was much more engaging than ever before.” We ran an amazing session and will keep having fun and meaningful education next session.




Spotlight on the Bonimot

I wanted to take a moment to spotlight the Bonimot and fill you in on all of the amazing things they’ve done in the past few weeks.  After Visitors Day, they became a really big group – there are now 26 of them! It’s never a dull moment with so many awesome chanichimot. They’ve been having pe’ulot about so many interesting topics. They learned about fair labor through a creative method of being asked to wash a tzevet member’s car with unfair working conditions. They rebelled and demanded fair pay for their work. They also went on a hike through some of Mosh’s trails and learned about the Native Americans who used to live on this land.

The shichva has also been watching The Hate U Give together. It’s a very powerful movie about a black teen who is killed by the police and his friend, Starr, who finds her voice in advocating for justice. They have been processing together and have been very moved by the story.

Their tzevet loves working with them. Their madrich, Sam, says that his favorite thing about working with them is their willingness to engage in the creative and unplanned fun that is Mosh! Their madricha, Eliana’s favorite thing about them is how smart and creative they are.

They are thriving and have had an amazing session!

Moshly yours,





Shabbat, Mifgash, and Bozman

On Friday night, we kicked off our Shabbat activities with a vigil for immigrants who have suffered injustice at the hands of ICE. We marched from the toren to the MLC, sang “Gates of Justice” and heard powerful words from the many chanichimot who were moved to speak. Then we continued on with our Shabbat activities. It was the last Shabbat of the session and it was a really fun and meaningful one. We finally had a medurah down at the medurah spot!

This weekend, the Bogrimot and the Madatz went to one of our sister camps, Machaneh Galil, in Pennsylvania. This program, called Mifgash, is a chance for them to meet their kvutzot at another Habonim Dror machaneh and form connections across our youth movement. They did some fun activities, like a machaneh-wide game of Duck, Duck, Goose and going to the creek at Galil. There was also a chance to learn together. Pe’ulot focused on what it means to be in a youth movement and some of Habonim Dror’s programs, like Workshop (our post-high school gap year program in Israel).

Today is a fun and special day at machaneh because it is Bozman. Bozman is when the Bogrimot run activities for camp for a whole afternoon. The theme of Bozman this year is the beach! They have planned an afternoon of fun activities, culminating in a pool party before dinner.

Thanks for reading along. This last week of the session is going to be a blast!

Moshly yours,



Spotlight on Becca Shofar

Today I want to introduce Becca Shofar, one of Mosh’s co-technis (technical directors). She was also a techni last year and was Rosh Mitbach (the kitchen manager) the year before. She has been coming to Mosh since 2009. She was almost always in anaf gan (tending the garden) and chug reading. Her favorite part of Mosh is kumzitz, when we sing around the campfire on Saturday night. Her favorite kumzitz songs are Christians and the Pagans and Dragon to Butterfly. If you can’t find her, you should look in the mitbach, one of her favorite spots at Mosh.

Outside of Mosh, she also does amazing things! She just graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in history with a focus in Jewish Studies and religion. She loves studying ancient texts with queer content. She used to be a stage manager and has organized with the UMD food coop. This upcoming fall, she will be in the cohort of Avodah D.C. She will be working at Bread for the City’s legal clinic.

She contributes to the day-to-day running of Mosh in so many vital ways. She makes sure operations are running smoothly, especially our facilities, our bookkeeping, and our staff logistics. Thank you Becca for everything you do!

Moshly yours,


Becca the techni

Yom Tzedek and Our Pillars

Today is Mosh’s Yom Tzedek, a day when we educate about justice in the world. Today’s Yom Tzedek is themed around justice for immigrants. During pish, chanichimot learned about immigration justice, ICE, and how Jews can be part of resisting injustice.

Later in the day, chanichimot made signs for a vigil we will be holding on Friday night. This vigil is in solidarity with the Lights for Liberty movement, which will be hosting vigils around the country on Friday, July 12th. Mosh will be taking inspiration from them, while also using our own values and traditions to make this vigil a powerful experience.

Social justice is one of our five pillars. The five pillars of Habonim Dror North America are enacted at all Habonim Dror camps each summer and during our year-time programming. They are:

Judaism – we do Shabbat rituals each week and explore our Jewish identities.

Socialism – we live collectively and all take responsibility for our community.

Zionism – we educate about Israel and what our responsibility is as Jews towards creating a just Israeli society.

Social Justice – we educate about current social justice issues, in our communities, our country, and around the world.

Hagshama (actualization) – we put our values into action! We strive to model ideal relationships at machaneh. During the year, especially through our Bonimot Tzedek program, we become involved in campaigns and actions to make the world a better place.

Moshly Yours,


P.S. Campminder photos will be coming out around 8pm today.



Shabbat, Visitors Day, and Zman Metzuyan

We had an awesome weekend at Machaneh Moshava! On Shabbat, we had the Bogrimot-Amelimot-Nitzanimot oneg. The Nitzanimot performed a special dance and the Bogrimot and Amelimot did all of the other oneg acts, including dances, songs, and skits. On Saturday, we had a restful day including Shabbat chugim, Madatz chugim, musicale, and In-durah (medurah acts and kumzitz in the MLC).

On Sunday, we welcomed many parents, friends, and relatives for Visitors Day. We had a blast showing parents our spaces and our traditions. Sunday night we had a fun tochnit erev where everyone role-played friends and relatives at a fake Bat Mitzvah.

One new and exciting thing about this summer is that we have re-envisioned Zman Metzuyan, the block of the day where we educate about Israel. This summer, instead of doing activities together as a machaneh, we have split machaneh into groups and chanichimot can choose a new Zman Metzuyan track every two weeks. The tracks include learning Hebrew, discussing Zionism, learning about Israel through sports, learning about diversity through the frame of the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, and more. The first two weeks of Zman Metzuyan were a huge success and we are excited to have everyone pick a new track and keep expanding their knowledge.

We’re looking forward to a great new week with all of the new chanichimot who arrived on Sunday.

Moshly yours,



Baseball, Special Day, and More!

On July 3rd, we went to an Aberdeen Ironbirds minor league baseball game. We all had a lot of fun singing Mosh cheers and catching balls at the game! We even got to see some fireworks.

On July 4th, we had a special day themed around competition and diversity in sports. The day opened with the Olympic opening ceremonies. Chanichimot did a round robin where they were athletes who had to get sponsorships from corporations. They also held a press conference where they interviewed tzevet members playing Olympic athletes from different countries. The press conference revealed how much favoritism and unfair advantages exist in sports. After that, there was a competition with different games, where it became even more clear that the judges were favoring athletes from countries with more resources. The chanichimot learned that this is unfair and then spent time in small discussion groups talking about issues in sports today, such as gender discrimination and racism. In the evening, there was a party celebrating diversity in sports!

Today have been working hard to get machaneh ready for Shabbat. On Fridays we do double avodah, where we clean our spaces extra well. We also prepared songs to sing for Visitor’s Day; we are so excited to welcome parents, relatives, and friends on Sunday!

Moshly yours,


Spotlight on Ben and Other Updates

Ben Markbreiter is the Chinuch, or Educational Director this summer. He has been working at Mosh since 2017 and before that, he was a chanichol at Machaneh Na’aleh. He is responsible for creating and implementing the machaneh-wide tochnit, or educational plan. The theme of this summer is Action! His favorite part of Mosh is rikkud. His favorite Mosh meal is Lo Mein. He attends McGill University in Montreal.

Chanichimot have been having lots of fun at camp this week. They participated in an activity called Kangaroo Court, where they got to bring silly grievances against their madrichimot. The Amelimot and Bogrimot are preparing for their oneg, a weekly performance on Shabbat. Their oneg will include songs, dances, skits, and Project X, a mysterious act that will be revealed on Friday night. We’ve also had some fun afternoon activities including tubing, hiking, tie-dye, and practicing for kumzitz.

Moshly yours,