Shabbat Decorations!

Shabbat is a very special time here at Mosh, and each summer we strive for ways to improve it even further. With the additions of mechina (preperation) and the shabbat carnival last year the holiday is even more reflective, calming, calm than ever before. But one tradition that has been around seemingly forever has been kishutim l’shabbat (shabbat decorations).


Every shabbat for as long as we can remember an anaf has made decorations to hang up in the chadar ochel during the shabbat meal. In recent years those decorations have begun to more directly reflect our values here at camp and be more than just pretty drawings. So last week the theme for the decorations was Gay Pride and Equality in Marriage, with rainbow drawings and smiling faces plastering the walls


This week the theme is Environmental Justice. In order to make the beautiful decorations of trees and leaves, anaf shabbat reused old carboard to cut out the shapes for leaves and used paper towel rolls for the trunks. So not only are they preaching being conscious of our environmental impact, but they’re practicing it as well!DSC_0769

Those in the anaf hope that the decorations will not only beautify the chadar for our Friday night dining, but also make their friends think more about the environment and see how things like cardboard boxes can be recycled.

Thanks anaf shabbat! We’ll see what next week brings!

Getting our energy out!

While we have lots of time dedicated to sitting with our friends and talking about important issues at camp, it’s also important to us to have a super fun time in the afternoon to run around and get our energy out. So, each afternoon at 3:15 we have brerot (choices) and each chanich/chanicha can choose what activity they wish to do.

Each afternoon swimming is an option at both of our pools!  Our wonderful rosh brecha (head of the pool) Zach Fink keeps both the shallow and deep pools clean and clear so the kids can always jump in the water. Especially on hot days!


Besides swimming there are some classic mischakim (games) that we often have, but not everyday like the pool. Chanichim can often play games such as GaGa, basketball, and soccer with campers of all ages intermingling in some friendly competition.

But this year, we’ve had some special choices!

Last week our sports specialist Naomi Ravick organized some relaxing yoga in the gazebo. Naomi led the group through a number of poses, helping them with deep breathing and good posture.

And just yesterday our Shaliach (Israeli ambassador) Anton Marks taught us some cricket! Originally from England, Anton is a huge cricket fan and wanted to teach our chanichim anDSC_0986 unknown sport to many of us. With a portable set of wickets, balls, and bats, many of our bogrim hung out with Anton on the basketball court learning the mechanics of the game. You got to lock your elbow when you’re bowling!

Anyways, we’ve been having a great time playing old classics and learning new sports each afternoon. We love running around in the afternoon sun, but don’t worry, we’re staying hydrated!

Avodah-dah! Time to clean up camp!

Here at camp Mosh we believe that a little labor goes a long way. Oftentimes at home others help clean up after both kids and counselors alike, but at camp we strive to stay self sufficient as a community and do our own work. So each morning after a yummy breakfast we split up into our anafim (work groups) and get to work. Some groups do things for camps enjoyment, like anaf Medurah (building a Saturday night bonfire) or anaf shabbat (making decorations for Friday).  Some other groups clean up camp spaces, like the MLC or the sherutim (bathrooms).

Every camper has their group for the session (or however long they are here for) and oftentimes grow close to their work, enjoying the work and returning to the same anaf year after year. At the same time, others like to switch around and get tastes of each anaf.

The groups are mixed by age groups, so a camper going into 4th grade helps out camp just as much as one of the elder campers entering 10th grade. With this common goal, the campers bond and move towards their end goal together. It’s always great to make new friends of all ages, and working towards something together helps that process even more. Especially when we make doing the work fun!

Anyways, here’s a list of all our wonderful anafim that help machaneh (camp) run smoothly and some pictures of them!

-Sabbaba (Cleaning the bathrooms)


-Medurah (Building the Saturday night)


-Shabbat (Making decorations and preparing for Friday night)


-Veggie Cutting


-Ashpah (Taking out trash around machaneh)


-Gan/Pinat Chai (Maintaing our garden and caring for our animals)


-MLC/SIF (Cleaning the MLC and the Sif)


-Aruchat Boker (Toranut for breakfast)


-Tziyur (Mural painting)

-Brecha (Helping our rosh brecha clean the pool)


First day of summer 2016!

Finally the day has arrived! After over a week of tzevet (staff) and Madatz (counselors in training) getting prepared for the arrival of all our campers, the kids are finally here. Around 11 AM, the first bus arrived with the Madatz excitedly welcoming them in goofy costumes. As the kids filed off the bus and walked towards the MLC, everyone cheered and had fun. 

DSC_0884While we waited for our last few campers to arrive, everyone who had arrived, both old and new, socialized with tzevet and we began to meet each other and create the wonderful friendships that’ll make this summer so specialDSC_0888. We danced, we played games, and we talked, all of the things that make Mosh so special. Soon enough, the kids learned where they’d be living and moving in began!

After a delicious lunch of pizza bagels, brocili and salad we learned all about camp, getting a tour, swim tests, learning how camp works. Later today the campers will get a chance to chose their anafim (work groups) and chugim (interest activities) right after their peulat shichva (age group activity). Not only will they learn the camp rules, but they’ll be able to learn everyone’s name and create guidelines on how they want to treat each other throughout the session.

The first day can be tiring, especially in the heat, but everyone is full of energy, hydrated, and ready to having a great opening day of summer 2016! We can already feel the great vibes that will define this summer as an amazing one!

Meet our communications specialist!

You may have already seen our first blog post introducing our new nurse. Or maybe you just clicked through some pictures on Facebook. Either way, you may have noticed an uptick in Mosh’s presence on social media and the blogs. That’s because our communications specialists are getting ready for the summer to kick off. So how about we meet our communications specialist for first session? My name is Josh Schmidt!

DSC_0660So, hi! I’m Josh! This is about to be my fourth year on tzevet and my 13th summer at camp! I started back in 2004 when I was in amelim one, as soon as I could, and it’s been my home every summer since (well, except for MBI). I was communications specialist my first summer on tzevet and I can’t wait to be back in the role walking around camp, interacting with kids and taking pictures. Outside of camp I’m going into my junior year at University of Maryland-College Park, where I will be majoring in multiplatform journalism. I even live in the UMD Bayit with five other wonderful Habo friends! I really can’t wait for the kids to arrive and it’ll be an amazing summer!

I’ll be updating pictures fairly regularly on both Facebook and Campminder in addition to updating the blog with camp activities. This session looks to be really incredible and I can’t wait to document it throughout the summer and share it with all of you!


Meet our new nurse!

Every summer, kids unfortunately get sick and need help. This year, we are excited to have our wonderful new Marp (health center) with it’s wide hallways, comfy rooms, and healthy environment. Along with the newly-built Marp comes our wonderful camp nurse for the whole summer, Tammy Peppmuller. Tammy has been a nurse for 15 years and originally hails from Omaha, Nebraska before moving to Louisiana with her partner a few years ago.


Tzevet (staff) has ensured that Tammy is already assimilated into camp culture, learning new words everyday and helping anyone with any problem they may have. She is kind, intelligent, and helpful – the perfect combination for a great nurse for Mosh.

In addition to Tammy, this summer we have our medic, E. They’ll be helping Tammy out, delivering nighttime medication to kids who need them, and serving as an extra tzevet member that chanichimot (campers) can come to with health issues. Also, other nurses, including camp parents, will be coming up to camp throughout the summer to help Tammy and E with the workload.

Tammy can’t wait for the kids to arrive and is excited to meet all of them and help keep them healthy this summer. With Tammy and our new Marp, chanichimot will be healthier than ever so they can enjoy all the wonderful camp activities that they may otherwise miss.