Yom Tiyul

Yesterday was Yom Tiyul at Machaneh Moshava. Tiyul doesn’t really have a direct translation to English but roughly means a journey, hike, walk or overnight. And yom means day. Most years tiyul entails going camping with the whole camp and it is always tons of fun! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we couldn’t camp out in our tents this year, but had a blast with our day!

The day started around 10:30 with organized hikes in the vast and beautiful mosh woods. The chotrimot and bogrimot took one hike while the solelimot and bonimot took another. Along the way, our extremely hydrated chanechimot (campers) talked, played games, and generally enjoyed the nature and wildlife. Mosh owns hundreds of acres of land in addition to the main campsite and this is a great way we utilize all that space! 

Both groups eventually made it to the tiyul spot. At the tiyul spot, a predetermined raked and cleared location in our woods, chanechimot (campers) ate lunch, socialized, and played lots of cards! They ate pre-packed sandwiches and veggies under the beautiful canopy. Despite a couple predictable initial complaints, everyone admitted that they had a blast in the end. 

We finished off the themed day with chugim (interest groups) that the campers got to choose themselves! There was tubing, river swimming, art, meditation/yoga, and cooking pita and potatoes over a fire. Everyone had kef (fun) at all their chugim and the last option was an enormous hit. Yom tiyul was awesome and we can’t wait for tiyul next year!

Happy almost Shabbat!

Segev B-K

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