A Fantastic First Day

AAAHHHHH!!! We are 24 hours into second session and the time is flying by. We started the session with a burst of excited energy as the eccentrically-dressed Madatz (CITs) greeted new chanechimot (campers) as they arrived by bus, car, and van.

Chanechimot (campers) were whisked away to the MLC for first day introductions, cheers, and kef (fun). Screams of “I GO TO MOSH” were heard around Harford County. The campers were then sent back to their cabins with their madrechimot (counselors) to meet, or catch-up with, the other members of their tzrifim and ohelim (cabins and tents), and spend some time unpacking. Look at these smiling faces!

After a delicious mac-and-cheese lunch the campers participated in a round-robin that included health and lice checks, unpacking time, a tour, meeting with our melavimot (mental-health specialists), swim tests, a snack, and pish (age-group activity). On this hot day, the swim tests were certainly a relief for most. 

After being briefly interrupted by a shockingly-fun board game-filled thunderstorm in the chadar (dining-hall), we returned to the MLC to learn about anafim (work-groups) and chugim (interest-groups) options. All the madrechimot (chanechimot) want the kids in their groups so these skits are often quite entertaining. One fun example was this skit for chug (interest group) Lord of the Rings: 

Adam Kvelz about his inspired chug.

We ended the night with our traditional first-night tochnit erev (evening activity), meet the madrechimot (counselors). In this activity, chanechimot (campers) are given a list of “facts” about the madrechimot and assigned fun and hilarious challenges to earn the facts from each tzevet (staff) member. This was a personal highlight of my first day at camp all the way back in 2012 and hope it was for this year’s many new campers. 

Day 1 was an unqualified success and I can’t wait to keep updating you all on the endless fun of Mosh!

— Segev Berner-Kadish (He/Him)


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