Todah Rabah!

We wanted to take this opportunity to say Todah Rabah (thank you) to the entire Mosh community for making summer 2021 so fantastic.

To our hard-working tzevet: the tireless work you put into your jobs and the enthusiasm you brought was absolutely the glue that held summer 2021 together. There is no Mosh without you.

Bogrimot Tzevet 2021
Tzevet Gadol

To our parents: thank you for your patience, your thoughtful questions, and your support from afar!

Drop off on Day One!

To our chanichimot (campers): you all rolled with us even though this summer was different than expected. Thank you for your ruach and all of the fun and memories you created this summer.

Bonimot Oneg – Second Session

To our madatz: we loved watching you grow and take on the world this summer! Your engagement in pe’ulot was a treat and the ways you took responsibility over machaneh were truly special.

Madatz 2021

On that note, we never finished the story of what was happening on Revo second session. The text below is from Mollie Block, Rosh Revo, Madatz ’21.

Mosh is different from other camps in a lot of ways and one of those ways is the different days we have every year. One of those different days, where the schedule is changed and there are new activities, is called revolution. Revolution, more commonly called revo, is twelve hours first session and twenty four hours second session where the Madatz (CITs) run the camp. Madatz take on the roles that Tzevet normally have such as being rosh (head of camp), running toranut (kitchen duty) and shmira (staying up to check on kids after they are asleep). I had a really special experience this revo because I was one of two roshim who were in charge of the whole planning process as well as point people the day of. Our kvutzah (age group) worked tirelessly for nine days planning activities, making kishutim (decorations) and creating a menu. Our hard work and late nights definitely paid off and culminated with what lots of kids are calling their “favorite revo ever”!

The way revo works is the Madatz surprise the rest of the camp by calling for a revolution and all the chanichimot chase the Tzevet out of camp with water balloons. There is a theme and a plot, conveyed throughout the day by skits. The theme of our revo this session was haunted mansion. Tuesday night, the chanichimot explored the mansion in a round robin with stations such as fort building, floor is lava (moving across a cabin without touching the floor) and checking behind old pieces of art to get dares which led to candy. Wednesday morning, after a night of slightly later bedtimes, which the kids were happy about, we found out that the mansion was actually haunted. We got to meet the Dankworths, the ghost family who haunted Dankworth Manor, and learned more about them in a round robin with stations such as blob tag with the butler (Sir Bates), a relay race with the mom (Clarice) and twin activities with the twin sisters (Carrie and Adeline). After lunch, it was revealed that the butler we’d grown to know and love was actually the force keeping the Dankworths trapped in the house! The rest of the day was spent training to defeat him with a water carnival including bumper tubes in the pool and soap hockey and a round robin including a homemade escape room and ghost maze.  

The day came to a close as we chased the butler out of the house, telling him we weren’t afraid anymore. He left and the ghost family was finally free to travel to the spirit realm. The best revo ever ended in a dance party in the “ballroom” where there was candy, good music and fun. Personally, the end of revo was one of my favorite moments of the summer. Everyone in our kvutzah put so much time and energy into making this day possible and to see it run so smoothly and hear all the praise from chanichmot was such a meaningful and fulfilling moment. As one of two roshim, I had the unique experience of organizing and supervising a group of my peers. It was lots of late nights, dedicating my free time to planning, navigating kvutzah tensions and corralling everyone into working. It was so amazing to watch our kvutzah come together in our own time to create something without help from Tzevet and have it go so successfully. Revo haunted mansion was a success! 


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