Backwards Day

This week, we had Backwards Day. You’d think that doing the same schedule but backwards wouldn’t be that different, but turns out, it was a whole new adventure. We started off the morning listening to “Rad Hayom” and other songs about nighttime on the ram kol. Then we had “dinner” – a delicious meal of macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. Next up was our “tochnit erev” or evening activity, which was a banana relay race. The Bogrimot faced off against the Bonimot in a tight competition in which every member of the kvutza had to perform one task, while holding their team banana, of course. In the end, the Bonimot won!

The middle of the day was not too different – we still had sadna’ot (workshops) and schiya (swimming). But then, there was shira (singing) and pe’ulat schichva (educational activity with age group) – in the afternoon!!! After hitkansut boker (morning flagpole gathering), campers did night avodah and ended the day.

People even chose to wear their clothes backwards and we did a ton of our favorite cheers backwards! What a silly day.

Yesterday, we were back to our normal happenings at machaneh. The Bogrimot were excited to finally go tubing!! But the day ended with a surprise….Revolution!! As I write this, it is currently Revo and the chanichimot are experiencing a haunted-mansion themed-day. Tune in on Friday to hear more about Revo!


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