Wish Night

Last night, we had one of our favorite Mosh traditions – Wish Night! Everyone at Mosh submitted wishes over the past week and on Wish Night, some of those wishes came true. Some highlights included:

  • Someone asked for Five Guys cajun french fries so five boys handed them a bowl of “french fries”
  • A family of brothers performed Hey There Delilah because the eldest wished for it
  • Someone asked for Rosh Mosh to be thrown in the pool “if consent”. He did not consent and did not get thrown in the pool. We’ve all been learning about consent, so it was a good way to see the lesson in action.
  • A few people wished for World Peace. They got a puzzle piece from a map of the world 🙂

The whole thing ended with a big dance party because somebody wrote for their wish: “I wanna dance with somebody. I wanna dance with somebody who loves me.”


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