Friday Update

It’s been a great two days at camp. We finished up tiyul and hiked back to Mosh on Thursday morning. On Thursday, we got to watch the Olympics! Everyone was excited, especially to see the Team USA gymnastics.

Last night was Pish night! Because we had our amazing cookout on tiyul on Wednesday night, we opted for an Italian dinner in the chadar last night. Spaghetti, garlic bread, and green beans were a big hit. For their pish night activities, the Bogrimot went on a night hike and prepared for their oneg. The Bonimot had a silent night – the longest they’ve been quiet since they got here! J

Today, Bogrimot are continuing to prepare for their oneg. The Bonimot had a really interesting peula (activity) examining body image and society’s beauty standards. The conversation provided some interesting food for thought, as always.

Tonight, we are preparing to head into another beautiful Shabbat!


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