Yom Tzedek and Tiyul

     Yesterday was Yom Tzedek, which means Justice Day. On Yom Tzedek we learn about and get involved with a social justice issue. The theme this year was environmental justice. We had different activities throughout the day for chanichimot (campers) to learn about environmental justice and how they can have an impact.   

In the morning, everyone learned about environmental privilege and how this can be a foundation to inspire working towards climate justice. Later, everyone learned and sang the songs “When the World is Sick” and “Light is Returning.”

In the afternoon, chanichimot attended different chugim (interest groups) about topics ranging from fast fashion to oil pipelines. In the evening, they learned how to create actions against climate change and created a mural and videos expressing why environmental justice is important to them.   

Yesterday’s thoughtful day about the climate and environment was a perfect transition to going on tiyul, our camping trip, today. We are camping out on Mosh property, in a part of the woods that we don’t use for daily activities. Tiyul is a special time to experience nature and slow down from all the daily activities we have regularly. Chanichimot started the day by hiking down to the tiyul spot and setting up their camping tents. After lunch, they did trust exercises and went to the river to cool off. Later, the chanichimot did tiyul chugim where they did different activities like nature journaling and bird calls. After dinner, we will finish the night with a bonfire and s’mores before camping out under the stars. 

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