Shabbat, Field Trips, and More!

What an amazing few days it has been! It was our first Shabbat dinner back in the Chadar Ochel, which was exciting for everyone. We had amazing challah, chicken, and broccoli for dinner. In the evening, it was the Bonimot Oneg, which was hilarious. Now that we have only the older chanichimot here, everyone has been enjoying making jokes about Big Kids Camp! On Saturday, we had some Shabbat classics – Gaga in the MLC, swimming in the brecha, and mishpachot. We also had the best medurah yet. The fire was huge and the ruach was outta this world!

The oneg hatzega (skit)
The oneg dance

On Sunday, the Bogrimot had an awesome field trip to Rocks State Park. They had relaxed kvutza-time in nature and got some relief from the heat with a refreshing dip in Deer Creek. The Bonimot had a fun day at camp! They swam in the pool and did a fantastic art activity. They used poetry as an inspiration to make collages and other art pieces. In the evening, everyone played Zap, one of our favorite Mosh traditions. Zap is flashlight tag where kids must sneak through camp without getting tagged out. Everyone made it through in the end and then we had a mesibah (party) to celebrate making it to the finish line.


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