Week Four Happenings

Shabbat Shalom! Everyone at Mosh has had such an amazing week. We only have three schavot left at camp – the Bonimot, Bogrimot, and Madatz. 

The Bogrimot have taken some deep dives into great content this week. After a pish (educational activity) about social media and another about Judaism and civil right, the Bogrimot spent their pish night relaxing and reminiscing about this summer and the jam-packed week behind them. 

The Bonimot are thinking about the future, instead. First, they made a time capsule of their experience at Mosh this summer with letters to their future selves, personal artifacts, and even a 2+ hour vlog showing future Moshniks what Mosh looked like in 2021. The Bonimot spent so much time this week preparing for their oneg tonight. The dances have been practiced, the songs rehearsed, and the jokes crowd-tested. It should be a performance for the books. 

The Madatz were up to the same-old, same-old — learning about being madrichimot, running some programming of their own, and staying up “all night” (AKA til they get tired at midnight from a long Mosh day).

As we write this post, Mosh is in Shabbat preparation mode. The chicken is in the oven, the chanichimot are starting to relax from the week, and even the goats can tell that we are heading into a restful weekend. 

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