Revo, Bozmon, Kuparnival, Oh My!

Welcome back to the Mosh blog! We have been so busy with this past week at camp. We kicked off the week with Revolution, when the Madatz take over camp for the day. Revolution is a time for the madatz to learn what it means to run camp and to create a fun and silly day while they do it. Right after Revolution, we had Bozman! Bozman is when the Bogrimot take over Mosh for the afternoon. The theme was time travel – the kids went through all different time periods to try to reset the space-time continuum. It was a huge success!!

On Friday, we had our Kuparnival, full of moonbounces, a blow-up waterslide, cotton candy, sno-cones, and some cool tunes. Every summer, we do a fun trip or event for all of Mosh from our camp kupa. Kupa is Mosh’s communal fund, so our kupa events are a way of having a shared experience together. The kuparnival is our way of having a fantastic kupa event right here at Mosh.

We finished off the week with our final mesibah, our celebration of the end of the first three weeks. We watched a slideshow with pictures from the summer, ate some treats, and danced into the night.

After all of the excitement of the past week, we had a few days of rest for the campers that are still here. They watched movies, went swimming, and relaxed. Today is the first day of second session, so we are back in the swing of things.

In these next few weeks, we will resume posting on our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday blog schedule. Keep an eye out for exciting updates!

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