Spotlight on Tochnit Erev

Saying an average day at Mosh is hectic is an understatement! At night though, we like to come together and do something fun. This is called a Tochnit Erev or an Evening Activity. Chanichimot (campers) of all ages get to do something silly together. 

This past week, we had a fun night of BLARPING (Bible Live Action Role Playing.) Chanichimot each got a bible story like the story of Ruth or the tower of Babel and then acted it out in front of an audience. 

On the Fourth of July we played charades. Groups of chanichimot were given a Fourth of July activity that they had to act out while the rest of macheneh (camp) guessed. Examples included a fireworks show and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Tochnit Erev is a great time to have fun as a whole camp instead of splitting up into age groups or special interest groups.

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