Shabbat Is Here

Wow! What an amazing first week it’s been! From hot days to rainy days we have done it all. Now it is time to relax and get ready for Shabbat. 

We start Friday off with Super Avodah (work.) That means putting in a little extra work to help get camp ready for all the Shabbat activities. Then we have Shabbat Shira (music), when the chanichimot (campers) learn the special songs we sing on Shabbat.

Chanichimot at Mosh also get ready for Shabbat by cleaning their tzrif (cabin) or ohel (tent) in order to win a contest for the cleanest living space. Then we all get dressed up and begin the ceremonial elements of Shabbat. Songs are sung and prayers are prayed. 

Next, it’s time for the big meal. After dinner, it’s time for the Oneg (Shabbat show.) This week it’s the Bogrimot (rising tenth graders) and Nitzanimot (rising third graders) performing it. We finish the day with Rikud (Israeli dancing.) 

Shabbat is a really relaxing and special way to end the week.

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