Avodah Dah Dah We Like Like Avodah: A Spotlight on Avodah

One of the things that make Mosh so special is that we do is avodah. Avodah is work. At Mosh we do work every morning to keep machaneh (camp) beautiful. I have been doing an Avodah of the Day on Instagram, Facebook, and Campminder. So far we have done MLC/Sif, Gan, and Sababa

In MLC/Sif chanichimot (campers) clean the MLC and the Sif. The MLC is the big pavilion and the Sif is short for Sifrea which means library. Chanichimot (campers) are given brooms and dustpans and sweep all the nooks and crannies.

Gan means garden. At Mosh we have a garden patch and 2 goats and a turkey. Chanichimot in Gan gets to feed the goats and tend the garden. 

Sababa means awesome and when we clean the bathroom we feel awesome. From sinks to showers to toilets Sababa does it all. 

Other anafim (workgroups) include Ashpa (trash duty), Medurah (collecting wood for the fire pit), and tziur (mural painting) 

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