Day Two Was Fantastic!

Hi Mosh Families!

We had a fantastic second day yesterday – sorry for the delayed post.

We started off with breakfast and everyone doing their avodah for the first time. At camp, every camper is in a working group – that’s how we all contribute to making camp beautiful and clean. We have campers responsible for cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash, making art for camp, and taking care of our goats and turkey.

We had a delicious lunch of fried rice with tofu and veggies. After lunch, everyone had time to go in the pool and shower!

After dinner of salad and pizza bagels, everyone at camp participated in our Lip Sync Battle. Each cohort was given a song and lyrics and created a dance. It was so much fun! At Mosh, we don’t stress competition, so we were all winners 🙂

While today is off to a hot start, we already have everyone sunscreened up and ready to go. Waterbottles are filled, Gatorade is ready, and we are all looking forward to another day at Mosh!

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