Take Action with Mosh!

By Ellie, a Bonimot Tzedek participant in 9th grade

Over the past few months, Bonimot Tzedek has had meetings on zoom instead of in person. On Zoom we have mostly focused on the Black Lives Matter Movement and what we can do to help support it. We have discussed different statistics about police brutality and how much money Montgomery County spends on its policing system.

We have also talked about what it means to be good allies. Just from the discussions, you can tell that everyone cares deeply about Tikkun Olam and making the world a better place. We all want to make a difference and that makes our conversations so much more meaningful.

We recently split up into two working groups. The first is working on planning a discussion about police brutality and defunding the police. The second group has been working on a phone bank to release people who are being detained at a detention center in Virginia. I have been working with the first group, spreading the word and making sure that people know about it. I worked with my friend on sending emails to different synagogues to let as many people know as possible.

We want to invite members of our community to attend the two events that we are planning!

1. A conversation for Jewish teens about police violence and defunding the police — Monday August 3rd at 4pm. This will be run by Bonimot Tzedek teens and is intended for teens ages 12 and up! We’ll be discussing police violence, exploring what it means to defund the police, and learning how these issues affect our local community. Teens can RSVP here

2. A phonebank for migrant justice- Thursday August 6th at 6pm. Bonimot Tzedek, is hosting a phonebank on Thursday August 6th at 6pm to advocate for the release of people being detained at ICA-Farmville, an immigrant detention facility in Virginia. This facility currently has the largest migrant detention center Covid-19 outbreak in the country. Help us call on public officials to demand that inmates be released! All are welcome, including parents and alumni! RSVP here

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