Week Three Was So Much Fun!

Another amazing week of Mosh B’Yachad!! This week, chanichimot (campers) learned about topics ranging from environmentalism to Habonim Dror ideology to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mosh B’Yachad is always full of games! Some of our favorites that we played this week are mafia, hide & seek, and show & tell. We have to think outside the box when we play games over Zoom, but it turns out we can still play so many fun and community-building games!

The culmination of week three was our fabulous machaneh-wide activity, a talent show! There were so many silly and heartwarming acts. A pair of siblings sang “Wagon Wheel,” which is a favorite kumzitz song. Someone impersonated the Mosh goat! One chanich brought his talent for puzzles to the group and taught everyone how to solve a Rubik’s cube. Two madatz sang a silly song. A sibling pair performed some jokes that folks loved so much, they suggested it become a Netflix special. Two people even their showed their impressive rock collections.

Mosh chanichimot are so creative! Two chanichimot (campers) shared their original music with the crowd and they were both huge hits. Some of the comments included, “This is a bop,” and “Wow, this is amazing,” and “I want to have a dance party to this.” People even got up to dance to these original tunes.

The talent show concluded with a beautiful song performed by the tzevet (staff). We have the most supportive and talented community ever. Kol ha kavod, Mosh!

We’re entering into the penultimate week of machaneh and while we’re sad the summer is drawing to a close, we still have two amazing weeks of programming and community to look forward to.

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