What Bonimot Tzedek has been up to!

Written by Aleeza, a Bonimot Tzedek participant in 9th grade.

We at Bonimot Tzedek have discussed many problems that are present within our community and other communities as well. It is our goal to make a difference in our community and change the world for the better.
In past meetings we have discussed racial inequality, mass incarceration and defunding the police. Within those discussions we talked about the possible solutions to those problems.

This week, we moved on from simply discussing the solutions to creating action plans, in which we can actually make a difference. We split up into the same focus groups as last week and talked about what we can and will do. The first group is working to educate the community on defunding the police and starting to fund other important departments that need the money. The second group will plan a phone bank to try to get an ICE detention center in Virginia to release its inmates due to a Covid-19 outbreak. We encourage anyone and everyone to join if possible.

After we finished talking about our action plans in our focus groups we switched to discussing redlining. We learned that redlining is when a company, agency, organization, person or even the government refuses to help a community because they are deemed poor or unworthy of help. We discussed how redlining is geared towards people of color and how it has caused communities to be segregated. Although some projects have tried to get rid of this segregation that has come because of red lining, these projects have been delayed. And so segregation, though technically illegal, is still very much present.

Although problems like this are still present, there are people who aim to fix them. We as Bonimot Tzedek hope to make a difference within our community. 

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