Week 2: Wowapalooza!

Chalutzimot made a silly bracket, and pose with the almighty winner, “Left Middle Toe”.

This week, Amelimot and Chotrimot learned about environmentalism. Amelimot played charades about the environment, did virtual tours to see the effects of climate change, and more. Chotrimot learned about indigenous people and the environmentalism by discussing different cultures’ stories of the origin of the world. They compared Native American, Judeo-Christian, and American pop culture origin stories.

Chalutzimot had a peula about identity. They explored identities they hold and how those identities intersect with one another.

Word Cloud from Chalutzimot identity peulah.

Bonimot spent some time doing kvutzah bonding. The Bonimot played the game Broken Picture Phone and had lots of laughs while trying to follow the confusing instructions! Bogrimot talked about socialism, capitalism, and what different policies are looking like in the US during the coronavirus pandemic.

We also had our first QQQ meeting! QQQ, standing for Queer Quids Qlub, is a safe space for LGBTQ+ chanichimot to learn, question and celebrate together. It has been a favorite chug at Machaneh Moshava every summer since its creation in 2018. Today, we played some introductory games and did some reflective art. QQQ will continue to run on Friday mornings throughout the summer, and is always open to anyone identifying as LGBTQ+.

And finally, we capped off the week with our machaneh-wide (camp-wide) activity – Mosh It to Win It! Everyone had to gather up their wackiest house materials to win this game. Below, you can see everyone dancing as part of a challenge.

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