Week One Was a Blast!

This week was the first week of Mosh B’Yachad and it was……. AMAZING! 75 Chanichimot participated in 10 programs throughout the week, and had a blast doing so. We want to share highlights from each shichvah just to show how fun this week was!

Machaneh (Camp-Wide) Activity:

This week we had our FIRST…. EVER…. MACHANEH ACTIVITY!!!!!!! We tested our deep knowledge of Mosh and the universe through an intense and thrilling game of Jeopardy. Four teams faced off…. one team brought home all the glory. But most importantly, everyone had fun and got to meet new people!

We had a ton of people (25+) on to play Jeopardy together!


Amelimot did a bunch of fun introductory activities, including learning our favorite cheer, “Deep in the heart of the Moshava jungle, you can hear teh Amelimot rumble ooh ahhh oooh ahhhh ahhh!” The tzevet, madatz, and chanichimot introduced themselves and created guidelines for a respectful and engaging Zoom-vironment. On Wednesday, the Amelimot participated in show and tell, which included some really cute dogs and cats. We also played multiple games of Mafia. Next week we’ll have more games and fun!


On Tuesday, we did introductions, went over the rules for Mosh B’Yachad and played a fun Mosh trivia game. On Thursday, we listened to some music and reflected on the impact of music on our lives and its power to show different perspectives and address social issues. If you wanna check out the music we listened to, visit this playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7mGef3FFKqSJ0tPHHzaVZk?si=S-u8-69rS_uPZv3mtyiG_w

The Chotrimot made community guidelines together.


On Monday, the chalutzimot did introductions and get-to-know-you activities. On Wednesday we took a virtual tour of Mosh and talked about what makes Mosh a special place. We explored how Mosh is not only a physical space but also a place where we connect to each other and our values.

This Chalutzimot made this word cloud together to express all the things we love about Mosh.


For their first ever Zoom peulah, the Bonimot learned about media literacy. After introductions and learning their shichva’s cheer, the Bonimot dove into the topic of information online and how to navigate in an internet filled with misinformation. The teens learned about social media tricks and reporting biases, and even played a fun Kahoot to check their knowledge!


The Bogrimot were so happy to see their kvutzah again! After some intros and catching up, we played some fun online games. Together we envisioned what this summer can look like, including what type of programming we want and how we want to relate to one another.

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