Bonimot Tzedek Summer Program

Hello everyone! My name is Sara, and I have the joy and honor of coordinating Bonimot Tzedek — Mosh’s social justice leadership program for high school students. Since 2018, teens affiliated with Mosh have been learning leadership and community organizing skills through partnerships with local organizations, supporting local social justice campaigns, and participating in educational programming. This summer, our Bonimot Tzedek program is stronger than ever! We have over 20 teens participating in our weekly meetings.

This summer, the teens are learning about systemic racism and police violence, and specifically thinking critically about how these systems affect their own communities– particularly in Montgomery County. Yesterday, we learned from one of our community partner organizations, Young People for Progress, about racist police violence right here in Montgomery County. Many of the teens shared that they had not previously known that police violence occurs in Montgomery County, and we had an interesting conversation about how assumptions that Montgomery County is a “liberal” place have blocked some of us from seeing the realities of the racism that exists here.

We ended our call by thinking about ways that we as Bonimot Tzedek can support the work of groups like Young People for Progress, who are leading the local fight to defund the police. We talked about how important it is to engage those in our community — including the local Jewish community and other high schoolers — in political education and local activism! Look out for more announcements and information about how to get involved coming from our youth leaders in the next few weeks. Every Tuesday we’ll have a youth leader write a blog about the work that they are doing– we hope you’ll follow along on our journey!

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