Mosh B’Yachad

Boker Tov Machaneh Moshava! Today is the first day of our 2020 Virtual Program: Mosh B’Yachad. We could not be more excited to see the faces of our beloved chanichimot and tzevet members! Mosh B’Yachad will run for five weeks. The first four weeks feature programming for each schichva (age group) once or twice a week as well as a machaneh-wide (camp-wide) activity each Friday. The final week, Mosh B’Yachad Kol Yom, will have something every day and will be a great way to cap off the summer!

One of the best parts about Machaneh is our amazing tzevet– and this summer is no exception! We have a 25 person staff lined up, including our four person mazkirut (leadership team), our melavah (camper care coordinator), tzevet madatz (counselors for leadership program), tzvatim for each schichva (counselors for every age group), and a special team dedicated to our machaneh-wide activities. Our staff includes folks who have been counselors for many years and our first-year counselors, fresh out of their madatz training program, ready to bring their talents and excitement to our campers this summer.

Even though we are not meeting in person this summer, we still are so excited to be engaging our wonderful community in high numbers. We have 75 kids signed up, spread over seven age groups! Our youngest participants are going into 3rd grade and our oldest are in our madatz leadership training program. They are going into 12th grade.

Alongside our Mosh B’Yachad progamming, our robust Bonimot Tzedek program is also continuing throughout the summer. Bonimot Tzedek works to give high school age campers community organizing skills through educational programming and taking action together. This summer, Bonimot Tzedek teens are focusing on racial justice.

We look forward to keeping everyone in the Mosh community updated about our exciting summer program!

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