Youth Empowerment – Bocoup!

After Revo ended with a pool party on Monday night, everyone at Mosh was happy to get some rest after such an eventful day. On Tuesday morning, the Madatz had a sleep-in as a reward for all their hard work before heading to their Chofesh, a special day of rest. They went to a waterfall located in a nearby state park, ate dinner, on the town, and had a slumber party back at Mosh. Everyone else was happy to have a normal day. There were pe’ulot, swim time, and even a chance for the Solelimot to go tubing.

We’re following up Revo this week with Bocoup. Bocoup is the Bogrimot’s opportunity to take over machaneh for about six hours. They have planned a fun day, themed around Minecraft, with a plot, characters from the game, and lots of creative stations. They have worked hard to plan this day for the rest of machaneh and create a lot of fun for the younger chanichimot.

One of the values we seek to teach at Mosh is youth empowerment. We believe that youth have a kind of energy, creativity, and insight that is often overlooked and undervalued by society. We want to teach chanichimot how to find their voice and feel comfortable in their own skin. One of the ways we do this is through activities like Bocoup and Revo. We let chanichimot experience what it feels like to run machaneh for a day – it shows them that we have faith in them as leaders and teaches them the responsibility of caring for others and their community.

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