Yom Tzedek Second Session

Today was the second Yom Tzedek of the summer. Older kids continued to learn about immigration policy. They explored the history of immigration in the U.S. and different ways to take action against deportation and the inhumane conditions of detention centers. Chanichimot explored how the history of many Jews involves detention and xenophobia and how speaking up against those injustices can be rooted in Jewish values. One of the highlights of the day was making a video encouraging the larger Mosh community to write to their representatives and speak out against immigration injustice
Younger kids will be volunteering for the morning at First Fruits farm in Freeland, MD. First Fruits is an active farm that gives its produce away to those in need. Kids will be picking vegetables in the field and afterwards will have a discussion about food justice and where their food comes from.
Yom Tzedek is an important part of the Mosh experience because it highlights many of our pillars of values. We educate about social justice throughout the summer and Yom Tzedek is another day of education. Even more so, Yom Tzedek represents our pillar of hagshama (actualization) when we apply what we have been learning to the world around us.
Moshly yours,
P.S. There has been a delay getting CampInTouch emails out, but they will all be handed out tonight. Thank you for understanding.

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