Learning about Israel, Peace, and More

Last night, the chanichimot participated in a longtime mosh tradition, Aliyah Bet. During Aliyah Bet, we learn about migration to Israel, particularly in times when it has been very difficult. This year, Aliyah Bet is themed around Moroccan migration to Israel, from the period of 1956-1961. During this period, all Jewish emigration and Zionist activity was illegal in Morocco. Habonim and Dror, the forerunners of our current Habonim Dror movement, organized covert movements of Jews to Israel.

The older chanichimot woke up shortly after bedtime and were led along one of our trails. Along the way, they met tzevet members playing historical figures from this time and learned about the challenges of migration to Israel.  After they circled back to machaneh, the chanichimot got a midnight snack, went back to bed, and had a sleep in.

In the morning, the younger kids went along the same trail, meeting and talking with the historical figures. When they were done, everyone was awake. Everyone at machaneh gathered together for a closing ceremony that focused on the real lives of the people they learned about. They also had a moment of memorializing the people from the Egoz ship who perished in 1961 on their way to Israel.

In the afternoon, we had a visit from Ultimate Peace, an organization that works to educate about coexistence through sports. An Israeli and an Arab ultimate Frisbee coach came to machaneh. They facilitated games of ultimate Frisbee as well as conversations about a path towards peace and acceptance among Israelis and Arabs.

It was a great day of history, sports, and thoughtful conversations.

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