First Week Updates

The first week is in full swing! Today the Bogrimot are out of camp on a day-long tiyul. They are hiking, hanging out, eating gorp, and doing kvutza bonding activities.

Everyone else has been enjoying the first week by settling into their routines. People are participating in avodah, the time of the day when we all help around camp. We are running many of the usual anafim, such as Sababa, MLC/Sif, Ashpah, and Aruchat Boker. We are also running Anaf Trailblazing! Anaf Trailblazing works to maintain our trails so that they can remain in good use for hikes. They will trim weeds and vines growing across the path and put in better trailmarkers.

We are also running a variety of chugim this session. Some of the exciting new chugim are Embroidery, Trivial Pursuit, and QQQ or Queer Kids Club. Queer Kids Club is a space for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ or allies to explore their identities, make collages and other art projects, and learn more about their identities.

This week, every schichva is running a peula about the rules of machaneh and a peula about consent. Consent is one of the values we educate about every session because having every chanichol understand consent allows Mosh to be a respectful and safer community.

Many chanichimot are also preparing for their oneg this week. Chanichimot in Solelimot, Bonimot, and Bogrimot will be doing performances this Shabbat. We’re looking forward to the end of a good week and a restful Shabbat.


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