Welcome to Second Session!

What an amazing first day! We are so happy that second session has begun. Campers arrived to the MLC and learned their first Mosh cheer – “We are Moshava, mighty Moshava, all we have is ruach and chevra…”

After learning who their madrichimot are and where they are living, chanichimot headed to their living spaces to start unpacking. We all ate a yummy lunch of chicken nuggets and broccoli before the afternoon’s round robin. The round robin included meeting the nurses and health checks, meeting the melavot (inclusion coordinators) and more unpacking time. We then had a meeting to discuss the chugim (interest groups) and anafim (work groups) and to give the chanichimot a chance to choose their preferred jobs and interest groups, which they will be assigned to tomorrow morning. The activity for tonight will be a game show of learning more about the madrichimot.

Some reactions from the first day:

“In the rest of my life, I’m a small, quiet noodle of a child. But now that I’m here, I just want to scream to the sky.” – LBC, Chotrimot

“My face hurts from smiling so much.” – AA, Chotrimot

We are so excited for all of the fun this week has in store!

If you want to know more about the words we use at Mosh, click any of the hyperlinked Hebrew words above, which will bring you to our glossary.

Moshly yours,


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