What an amazing session!

What an amazing session we have had! It all started off with campers meeting each other and getting to know Mosh at the beginning of the session. New chanichimot quickly learned Mosh’s core values of respect, inclusion, and justice through pe’ulot each day. The Nitzanimot came for a week and got a taste of all of the fun that Mosh has to offer.

We’ve had some super kef (fun) days, including Bozman and Revo. These were also amazing leadership opportunities for the Bogrimot and the Madatz. As a youth movement, Mosh views these activities as huge stepping stones towards becoming leaders and learning how to care for kids.

We’ve also engaged deeply with education about current events in the U.S., Zionism, racial justice, gender justice, and sexuality. Everyone has learned something new this session. We have a new mural in the works themed around tikkun olam (repairing the world). It will be painted by the end of the summer!

We’ve also been able to do many outdoor activities. Every chanichol has had the chance to go tubing in Deer Creek, kayaking at Mosh’s lake, or go for day hikes in Rocks State Park. These activities are fun team-building activities that also give chanichimot opportunities to talk about the environment.

Ben, our Education Director, says his favorite thing about first session was Zman Metzuyan, our Israel education block, because “it was much more engaging than ever before.” We ran an amazing session and will keep having fun and meaningful education next session.




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