Spotlight on the Bonimot

I wanted to take a moment to spotlight the Bonimot and fill you in on all of the amazing things they’ve done in the past few weeks.  After Visitors Day, they became a really big group – there are now 26 of them! It’s never a dull moment with so many awesome chanichimot. They’ve been having pe’ulot about so many interesting topics. They learned about fair labor through a creative method of being asked to wash a tzevet member’s car with unfair working conditions. They rebelled and demanded fair pay for their work. They also went on a hike through some of Mosh’s trails and learned about the Native Americans who used to live on this land.

The shichva has also been watching The Hate U Give together. It’s a very powerful movie about a black teen who is killed by the police and his friend, Starr, who finds her voice in advocating for justice. They have been processing together and have been very moved by the story.

Their tzevet loves working with them. Their madrich, Sam, says that his favorite thing about working with them is their willingness to engage in the creative and unplanned fun that is Mosh! Their madricha, Eliana’s favorite thing about them is how smart and creative they are.

They are thriving and have had an amazing session!

Moshly yours,





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