Shabbat, Mifgash, and Bozman

On Friday night, we kicked off our Shabbat activities with a vigil for immigrants who have suffered injustice at the hands of ICE. We marched from the toren to the MLC, sang “Gates of Justice” and heard powerful words from the many chanichimot who were moved to speak. Then we continued on with our Shabbat activities. It was the last Shabbat of the session and it was a really fun and meaningful one. We finally had a medurah down at the medurah spot!

This weekend, the Bogrimot and the Madatz went to one of our sister camps, Machaneh Galil, in Pennsylvania. This program, called Mifgash, is a chance for them to meet their kvutzot at another Habonim Dror machaneh and form connections across our youth movement. They did some fun activities, like a machaneh-wide game of Duck, Duck, Goose and going to the creek at Galil. There was also a chance to learn together. Pe’ulot focused on what it means to be in a youth movement and some of Habonim Dror’s programs, like Workshop (our post-high school gap year program in Israel).

Today is a fun and special day at machaneh because it is Bozman. Bozman is when the Bogrimot run activities for camp for a whole afternoon. The theme of Bozman this year is the beach! They have planned an afternoon of fun activities, culminating in a pool party before dinner.

Thanks for reading along. This last week of the session is going to be a blast!

Moshly yours,



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