Spotlight on Becca Shofar

Today I want to introduce Becca Shofar, one of Mosh’s co-technis (technical directors). She was also a techni last year and was Rosh Mitbach (the kitchen manager) the year before. She has been coming to Mosh since 2009. She was almost always in anaf gan (tending the garden) and chug reading. Her favorite part of Mosh is kumzitz, when we sing around the campfire on Saturday night. Her favorite kumzitz songs are Christians and the Pagans and Dragon to Butterfly. If you can’t find her, you should look in the mitbach, one of her favorite spots at Mosh.

Outside of Mosh, she also does amazing things! She just graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in history with a focus in Jewish Studies and religion. She loves studying ancient texts with queer content. She used to be a stage manager and has organized with the UMD food coop. This upcoming fall, she will be in the cohort of Avodah D.C. She will be working at Bread for the City’s legal clinic.

She contributes to the day-to-day running of Mosh in so many vital ways. She makes sure operations are running smoothly, especially our facilities, our bookkeeping, and our staff logistics. Thank you Becca for everything you do!

Moshly yours,


Becca the techni

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