Yom Tzedek and Our Pillars

Today is Mosh’s Yom Tzedek, a day when we educate about justice in the world. Today’s Yom Tzedek is themed around justice for immigrants. During pish, chanichimot learned about immigration justice, ICE, and how Jews can be part of resisting injustice.

Later in the day, chanichimot made signs for a vigil we will be holding on Friday night. This vigil is in solidarity with the Lights for Liberty movement, which will be hosting vigils around the country on Friday, July 12th. Mosh will be taking inspiration from them, while also using our own values and traditions to make this vigil a powerful experience.

Social justice is one of our five pillars. The five pillars of Habonim Dror North America are enacted at all Habonim Dror camps each summer and during our year-time programming. They are:

Judaism – we do Shabbat rituals each week and explore our Jewish identities.

Socialism – we live collectively and all take responsibility for our community.

Zionism – we educate about Israel and what our responsibility is as Jews towards creating a just Israeli society.

Social Justice – we educate about current social justice issues, in our communities, our country, and around the world.

Hagshama (actualization) – we put our values into action! We strive to model ideal relationships at machaneh. During the year, especially through our Bonimot Tzedek program, we become involved in campaigns and actions to make the world a better place.

Moshly Yours,


P.S. Campminder photos will be coming out around 8pm today.



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