Shabbat, Visitors Day, and Zman Metzuyan

We had an awesome weekend at Machaneh Moshava! On Shabbat, we had the Bogrimot-Amelimot-Nitzanimot oneg. The Nitzanimot performed a special dance and the Bogrimot and Amelimot did all of the other oneg acts, including dances, songs, and skits. On Saturday, we had a restful day including Shabbat chugim, Madatz chugim, musicale, and In-durah (medurah acts and kumzitz in the MLC).

On Sunday, we welcomed many parents, friends, and relatives for Visitors Day. We had a blast showing parents our spaces and our traditions. Sunday night we had a fun tochnit erev where everyone role-played friends and relatives at a fake Bat Mitzvah.

One new and exciting thing about this summer is that we have re-envisioned Zman Metzuyan, the block of the day where we educate about Israel. This summer, instead of doing activities together as a machaneh, we have split machaneh into groups and chanichimot can choose a new Zman Metzuyan track every two weeks. The tracks include learning Hebrew, discussing Zionism, learning about Israel through sports, learning about diversity through the frame of the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, and more. The first two weeks of Zman Metzuyan were a huge success and we are excited to have everyone pick a new track and keep expanding their knowledge.

We’re looking forward to a great new week with all of the new chanichimot who arrived on Sunday.

Moshly yours,



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