Baseball, Special Day, and More!

On July 3rd, we went to an Aberdeen Ironbirds minor league baseball game. We all had a lot of fun singing Mosh cheers and catching balls at the game! We even got to see some fireworks.

On July 4th, we had a special day themed around competition and diversity in sports. The day opened with the Olympic opening ceremonies. Chanichimot did a round robin where they were athletes who had to get sponsorships from corporations. They also held a press conference where they interviewed tzevet members playing Olympic athletes from different countries. The press conference revealed how much favoritism and unfair advantages exist in sports. After that, there was a competition with different games, where it became even more clear that the judges were favoring athletes from countries with more resources. The chanichimot learned that this is unfair and then spent time in small discussion groups talking about issues in sports today, such as gender discrimination and racism. In the evening, there was a party celebrating diversity in sports!

Today have been working hard to get machaneh ready for Shabbat. On Fridays we do double avodah, where we clean our spaces extra well. We also prepared songs to sing for Visitor’s Day; we are so excited to welcome parents, relatives, and friends on Sunday!

Moshly yours,


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