Spotlight on Ben and Other Updates

Ben Markbreiter is the Chinuch, or Educational Director this summer. He has been working at Mosh since 2017 and before that, he was a chanichol at Machaneh Na’aleh. He is responsible for creating and implementing the machaneh-wide tochnit, or educational plan. The theme of this summer is Action! His favorite part of Mosh is rikkud. His favorite Mosh meal is Lo Mein. He attends McGill University in Montreal.

Chanichimot have been having lots of fun at camp this week. They participated in an activity called Kangaroo Court, where they got to bring silly grievances against their madrichimot. The Amelimot and Bogrimot are preparing for their oneg, a weekly performance on Shabbat. Their oneg will include songs, dances, skits, and Project X, a mysterious act that will be revealed on Friday night. We’ve also had some fun afternoon activities including tubing, hiking, tie-dye, and practicing for kumzitz.

Moshly yours,



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