First Shabbat and A New Week

This past weekend, we celebrated the first Shabbat at Mosh this summer. We participated in lots of lovely traditions, from hearing a Rosh story from Leah to dancing rikkud on Friday night. Saturday is a restful day at Mosh, featuring time for chanichimot to play gaga, eat yummy snacks, and get together in groups based on where they live at home.

On Sunday morning, the Nitzanimot (youngest campers at Mosh) arrived. They will be here for one week, exploring a taste of what Mosh has to offer. They settled in, learned names, and had a fun evening pretending to be bugs and building forts.

On Sunday evening, the rest of camp did a fun and silly tochnit erev going through the life cycle of a duck.

This coming week, we have lots more fun and education in store, including a Fourth of July surprise, water activities, and lots more time to bond and get to know one another.

Moshly yours,



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