Evening Activities and Programming Highlights

This week, we’ve had lots of fun evening activities! We kicked off the week with meet the madrichimot, where chanichimot did fun challenges to learn facts about tzevet. We also had evening activities themed around fighting silly zombies and we had a karaoke night. This week was also our first weekly movie night and our first weekly Pish Night. Pish night is the night when we have cookouts, as opposed to eating in the Chadar Ochel. It is a time to relax, eat hot dogs (and veggie dogs!) and spend time with your kvutza.

This week, we’ve also been having pe’ulot about lots of interesting topics. Chanichimot have explored kupa, intentional relationships, consent, and gender. Mosh has a centralized education plan, meaning that we like to educate about the same topics, revisiting them year after year and adding nuance as kids get older. For example, in this week’s consent peula, Amelimot explored words that might be synonyms for consent, such as sharing, understanding, and safety. Chotrimot explored how body language affects communication and talked about scenarios where consent might come up at Mosh (sitting on others’ beds, asking for a hug, etc.) Bonimot had a similar conversation about how consent might come up at Mosh and were able to explore more fully how consent relates to their lives outside of Mosh as well.

It’s been a great first week of education and fun!

Moshly yours,


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